An essay on internet boon or curse

Internet has a great influence in our lives. We may or may not realize, but it has changed a lot in our lives. We are surrounded by mobile phones, computers and .
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How do you choose a book from the millions that you can discover with a Google Books search? Not only is it all difficult to choose from, we also have Health Tourism Also known as Medical tourism refers to the act of traveling to a foreign country in order to receive medical care. Varying reports based on the US alone put the number of American patients seeking healthcare abroad between , to , in Governments in places such as India and Malaysia as well as some others are already getting involved and investing in this growing industry.

The main reasons that people travel to receive medical treatment are: Certain medical services are not available in their country of residence. Their health insurance does not cover the full cost of a procedure. Wait lines are too long.

Quality of care is better in a different country. Costs are lower in a different country. An estimated University Rohtak in Completed Senior Secondary from C. E in Completed Higher Secondary from C. Develop interpersonal skill to interact with different kind of peoples. Enhance knowledge.

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A way of working. How to work with team. Youth in resolving corruption. Like cancer it is eating into the vitals of the society.

Internet is a curse or lampraveskee.gat the topic speach

Self-serving politicians and their agents and power brokers can stoop to any extent to feather their own nest. No body is free from the needle of suspicion. Corruption seems to rule the roost everywhere. In government offices it percolates from the top to bottom. It is the youth and specially students who have to take cudgels against the demon of the corruption and crush it altogether.

A beginning can be made in this direction by holding anti-corruption drives. The ill-effects of corruption in public life should be publicized through inter school declamation and essay writing contests. Students should take a pledge to resist the temptation of using unfair means in the examination. They can also go step further and persuade their friends, relatives and parents to curb this evil at all cost. The dedicated efforts of honest youth are bound to succeed in the long run in demolishing and vanquishing this social evil which has earned us a bad name.

Corruption is a black mark in our Indian economy.

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It is slowly stopping the growth of our country. The term corruption is in born in the Is using the Internet a boon?

Internet – Boon or Bane?!

In this fast-paced world where everyone is competing to be the first in whatever they are embarking on, face-to-face communication with a person is getting rarer and flipping the books to get information has been a method gone outdated. However, this has been replaced by one powerful tool that does these and even more.

This is none other than the Internet. Even the definition of Internet is extracted from this tool! Hence, this clearly reasons out why many are unable to imagine a life without the Internet. However, this has also led to the eventual misuse of the program as some have carried out actions that are very damaging using the Internet.

They have realised that it can cause a greater negative impact on people due to the large population linked up by this system. Therefore, this essay will discuss about the positive as well as negative impacts of Internet usage on users and people around them. To start off with, Internet has made communication between people easier and faster. Gone are the days where people communicate through letters and even telephone calls. Nowadays, emails and online live messengers have been sought by users to update their close relatives of their stay in another country, Smile, and it smiles, too.

They return to the place from which they came.

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Those who withhold have nothing. Buried at Sign Up. Grofers, Flipkart, Amazon etc. And with the fierce competition, there are giving competitive pricing. With competition, the best come out. Moreover, the cost of maintenance of a mall, and other costs lead to lowering of prices, from their end. Writers, artists and other creative types are finding a lot of use for the Internet. Some writers have had their books published through e-publishers, skyrocketing them into the top-level tiers of fame. Others have started blogs, Tumblr accounts and online business through websites like Etsy to get their material out there and connect to an audience as well as earn a handsome amount of money.

Internet Boon or Curse Essay - Words

Multitasking existed long before the Internet, of course, but the ubiquity of smartphones — and tabs! Infinite tabs! Order food,shopping,manage bank account,office job can all be done effectively in a similar span of time. In earlier times, we had no way to video conference with our loves ones.

Even if there was a way, it was quite expensive and tedious. But, with the emergence of internet, now we can connect face to face with our loved ones, or for corporate meetings etc. These days, whenever teacher gives assignment to students, they tend to go to the internet, copy all the material and just submit it as it is. This just reduce the thinking capacity of students. After drugs and alcohol, internet is the third most addictive thing. Once you fall the prey to this drug of internet, it is very difficult to come back. Addiction can be of social networking gaming sites, or even gambling websites.

Scams on internet have been increasing many folds in the past few days and have continued to scam innocent people, looting thousands of dollars. These scam artists work quite efficiently, by tricking and fooling people in lure of more money or any other tactics. Let us face it, with the emergence of more and more social media platforms and sites, people have shifted to more electronic interaction and have resulted in a loss of human touch. This is also a leading cause of depression and a major negative aspects of internet.

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