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PDF | Introduction: This case study analyses and differentiates the merger on Disney, Pixar Merger and Acquisition Case study Summary: Harvard 15+ million members; + million publications; k+ research projects.
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Walt Disney - The Evolution of the Brand

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The company needs to improve its organizational culture by providing support for deviation from family orientation. This support allows the company flexibility for some part of the international market. People are focusing on internet more than TV this is the opportunity for Disney to expand its market. The company could be doing better by considering the share from acquisitions and by considering the slow growth of the divisions which includes ABC.

In it has million of subscribers, the figure dropped in to 92 million. In the words of Brito et al. In the cable network ESPN occupy, the poor number assign to less advertisement revenue.

Star wars franchise and box office help the studio entertainment section bring Disney. This represents a major problem that networks needs to deal with. The company needs to convert TV to internet services. One of the important strategic issues that the world Disney has facing is it losing a good number of subscribers in the ESPN. In the words of Aleong et al. It is holding very few customers in entertainment program and sports program network. The company is facing this issue because it is not applying the new technologies which has been applied by its competitors that is the reason it is facing a competition in the market.

The competitors of the Walt Disney Company is providing expensive services in comparing to its competitors republic and watch the same sports and programs on internet platform at very low cost instead of watching on TV.

Disney Company: case study - Words | Term Paper Example

The company faces challenges in adopting the new technologies, competitors of the company has already adopted the new technologies because the Walt Disney Company has focuses more on providing quality product and in making strategy instead of focusing on the recent trend and taste and preference of the consumer. Disney has a clear corporate strategy has been contributed to success of the company and give importance to its brand image. The company's strategy is to make exclusive and magical products. The company faces challenges in adopting the new technologies. Disney creative potential of creating large amount of shareholder.

Disney has announced a creation of direct customer in international unit. State spending go up globally 3. Swot analysis: SWOT analysis model helps an organization in identifying the internal strategic factors such as strength and weakness and external strategic factors such as opportunities and threats. Strength : The strength of the company can be identified by the swot analysis which has been applied to determine the internal factor of the organization.

The company has gained high popularity from the public. The brand of the company has a very great image in the eye of the public. The Walt Disney Company has strong cash flow which helps the company to expand its new projects. The company has wash product and services and has developed a large distribution network.

Company invested resources in the development and training process to the employee and the workers. The company is also a strength of the company because they only promote the product of the company customer and can gain maximum benefits out of the products and services. The world Disney Company has high cost structure and has high attrition rate and it needs to invest a lot of money compared to its competitors in development and training programs to the employees.

The current asset ratio represents that the company needs to use its cash in a better manner the way it's doing at present. Due to high rate of its product it's losing its opportunities. In the words of Isabella et al. The most important factor which leads to downfall of the company is not in a process of continuous innovation. In the viewpoint of Voigt et al. The company needs a large amount of capital in executing an innovation and entertaining and development program of its employees. Opportunities: In the words of Smagorinsky et al. In the words of Kelleher et al.

The cost of transportation decreases because of less shipping price and this is an opportunity for the world Disney company's products by which the company can earn profit and can provide benefit to its consumers to gain market share. New trends and technologies in the market is an opportunity for the world to expand its business by building new revenue stream in their new products. The world Disney Company also invested money in online streaming through this the company get to know more about the needs of the customer. The government free trade agreement and deduction of new technology also provide an opportunity to the vault Disney Company to enter into a new market Haslanger et al.

Threats: SWOT analysis tool has been used to identify the trades of the company. This is important for the healthy company to be aware of the threats in the market. In the viewpoint of Van de Vijver et al. Rising in raw materials can also be a threat to the profit of Walt Disney Company.

The competitors of the world Disney Company can easily make substitute of the products provided by the Disney. The games, movies and characters which has been produced by the Walt Disney Company can easily be shown by the competitors at a less cost comparing to the Disney's cost. The Walt Disney Company is a very popular and big company and need a large amount of capital to enter into a market but its competitors has the advantages that they can easily enter into the market with a low capital.


Conclusion The Walt Disney Company was established in and it is a very popular company and a strong company. They started the Walt Disney Company innovation to provide classical entertainments in the form of 2D cartoons. The Walt Disney Company is a leading International family entertainment. The Walt Disney Company has faces many issues.

It has been concluded in this walt disney culture case study that the Walt Disney Company has faces many challenges. Two main strategic issue has been explain in the above report. Disney has faces many criticism in the market along with that it also faces motivating response and has faces competition. The external and internal environment of the company has been explained in the above report. Internal environment of the Disney totally includes its strength and weakness which company has faces many critics.

The swot analysis has been explained to identify the internal and external factors of the organization has been explained in the above walt disney case study. The Walt Disney Company faces many challenges in formulation of strategy. I company should focus on the recommendation has been made in the above case study of walt disney company. Walt disney case study assignments are being prepared by our management homework help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable assignment help best service.

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