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Mass media plays a significant role in today's world. It broadcasts Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an.
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In conclusion, the foregoing discussion propounds the view that it can indeed say that the mass media has influenced our society in this fast-growing technological time to improve our behaviour and ideas. It is expected that the cognisance of fact and further, the government must establish the guidelines to easy access the mass media in every society.

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The mass media including TV, Radio and newspaper influence our society and shape our opinions and characters. Essay Categories:. Select rating Give The mass media including TV, Radio and newspaper influence our society and shape our opinions and characters. More essays by this user: Polygamy has led to massive divorce rate around the globe. They do not complete homework in time and have a lack of sleep at the same time facing a lot of stresses and depression. It is evident that the widespread acceptance of social media worries professors whose objective is to provide a successful academic process.

Negative Impacts of Media

One cannot refuse from the social media or forbid them. However, one can learn how to use them efficiently and reasonably during studies. The solutions to the problem of the enormous usage of the media can be found with the help of the social media Boyd and Ellison To improve the vocabulary and grammatical proficiency of students, one recommends implementing such programs that will ban the application of the bad words, abbreviation and misspelled words while texting in the social media. Without a doubt, it is not an easy task as it demands the interest from the side of the Facebook or Twitter administration.

It is a must for the social media to limit the use of vocabulary that has a wrong punctuation and spelling, as well as unethical language, rude words and phrases. Such innovation will help the young generations to be more proficient in language learning. Another solution to this problem is the development of time-management skills that promote learning and discipline.

One suggests the implementation of time management as a subject at universities and schools. Using time efficiently in the syllabuses of academic institutions can result in the decline of the usage of social media.

Students can start appreciating time adequately and completing their academic tasks in time without cheating and rewriting final tests. Without a doubt, many researchers insist that social media usage leads to the higher academic achievements. Online communities benefit education. First of all, the students can utilize them for academic support and assistance. It is the easiest way to contact other students and university teachers. Social media have the ability to make the connections more accessible.

Secondly, social media strengthen knowledge and online communication. It is evident that social media increase the quality and rate of the collaboration between the students. They can save time for sharing information quickly and are able to communicate meeting times. It is a way to increase productivity and learn how to work in groups. Moreover, social networking teaches the skills necessary for surviving in the business world. Students become more able to create and maintain the relations with other people in many areas.

Moreover, social media is a good opportunity to build a business or develop a career. Social media allow spending more time working and practicing new technologies. Moreover, students become more familiar with many innovative programs and electronic devices. Besides, education and business focus on the latest technologies. It means that it is a must for any person to be knowledgeable in the innovative technologies as they help to build skills necessary in life.

One should say that social media make students more conscious of the basics of layout and design. Schools and universities do not teach these aspects.

The Influence of Mass Media on Youth Culture Essay

Moreover, a student can easily design personal websites and write resumes with the help of social media. Students can upload stories, videos, and pictures easily with the help of social media. It is a good way of the development of creativity and receiving a feedback from family and friends. One should say that it is a great opportunity for the development of the artistic abilities and confidence in hobbies and interests Stollak et al.

The main idea of this essay is that social media usage leads to lower grades among students.

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One can say that this statement is justified due to the incompleteness of counterarguments. First of all, the increasing quality of modern technologies and establishment of collaboration with other students is not the basement of the high grades and excellent academic achievements.

Moreover, the information presented in the social media cannot be regarded as reliable. Teachers and professors recommend spending more time in libraries and reading paper books to become more educated, creative, and smarter. Social media provide the aspect of quickness but they do not provide the quality in the full measure. Multi-tasking is a good ability. However, it does not provide the efficiency.

Checking messages and news on the social media sites while studying can lead to the low and poor academic performance. To be successful, efficient, and productive, the students should concentrate on the task as distractions on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube make them forget about learning. Moreover, the connection to many people distracts them from self-education and self-development. Spending more time in social sites shortens the time for socialization in person. Moreover, the lack of non-verbal language like body movements, inflection, and tone proves that social media cannot replace face-to-face communication.

Consequently, the students lose the ability to communicate effectively in person.

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The constant task-switching from social media to learning is not the basement for the efficacy and avoiding mistakes. One can say that mistakes are inevitable as the person cannot do several tasks simultaneously. Some scientists believe that multi-tasking allows the students to better adapt to the educational system. However, multi-tasking involving social media is a powerful distraction from learning. Picture 1 demonstrates that multi-tasking is typical for the second-year students. Students studying at the first course use Facebook more regularly.

Social media provide multitasking that develops the ability of students to do several activities simultaneously. However, multitasking leads to the incapability of students to learn effectively, spending more time on doing several academic tasks, and distraction.