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Free Essay: Technology in Business, a Literature Review Roger Liberty University Abstract Technology has transformed the business world of.
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To meet the requirements of GDPR, companies need to invest a lot of manpower and resources on upgrading their technology platforms, updating privacy policies, changing advertising practices and adjusting data storage and processes, etc. The impacts on American and Chinese companies are especially significant, since the U.

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Such a high cost will eventually be passed on to consumers, and thus weaken the competitive advantage of Chinese and American enterprises. Besides, GDPR is likely to be a tool of European commission to accuse non-EU companies including Chinese and American companies of having problems in data protection and then block their pace of investments and mergers.

For example, Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant, has appointed data protection officers; and YouTube has stopped supporting third-party advertising services on reserved buys in Europe after May 21, Article 5 of the GDPR summarizes some of the key privacy and data protection requirements such as requiring the consent of subjects for data processing, anonymizing collected data to protect privacy, providing data breach notifications, safely handling the transfer of data across borders, and requiring certain companies to appoint a data protection officer to oversee GDPR compliance.

GDPR will further increase the demand for cybersecurity professionals and data protection officers. To address the current skills shortage for cybersecurity professionals and data protection officers, both governments and technology companies will need to invest in more cybersecurity training and education programs Withey, Withey, V. The impact of GDPR on the technology sector. Privacy and security issues are often accompanied by user trust, which is one of the important issues in modern business.

In recent years, scandals about personal data security vulnerability and cases of how companies unproperly use and sell information they collect from their consumers have aroused general concern and led to negative impact on consumer trust Midha, Midha, V. Impact of consumer empowerment on online trust: An examination across genders.

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Decision Support Systems , 54 1 , — Building consumer trust - Protecting personal data in the consumer product industry. Chinese and US companies should seize the opportunity to enhance their capabilities for protecting personal data so that they can not only minimize the legal liability of GDPR but also win the trust of consumers and create a unique competitive advantage over those who cannot be in full compliance of GDPR.

We believe that GDPR will have significant impacts on the development of emerging technologies. As we know, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, block chains and cloud computing are effective means of boosting performance and productivity. The development and application of these emerging technologies are key to promote the economy and have become one of the strongest competitive factors among countries. But it should be noticed that these technologies deliver their value through massive data and high-quality algorithms.

Stricter regulations on data handing and processing are likely to inhibit new technology development and use, and will inevitably increase the cost to develop new technologies. GDPR will affect the development of Artificial Intelligence AI applications by increasing the costs and limiting the application scope.

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Article 13 and 22 of GDPR require that certain algorithm decisions need to be reviewed and explained by humans, and such restrictions will greatly increase labor costs and break the inherent balance between accuracy and transparency; Article 17 provides user with erasure of personal data without undue delay, which might destroy key rules underpinning the AI system, and thus resulting in a decrease in the efficiency and accuracy of algorithms, or even breaking it entirely.

Furthermore, as the data of each node of the block chain affects subsequent records, if blockchain users have the right to delete and correct data as stipulated in articles 16 and 17 of GDPR , then the efficiency and effectiveness of blockchain will cease to exist. With regard to cloud computing, GDPR creates obligations for cloud platform service providers, who will be required to provide information about all intended processing to data subjects pursuant to Articles 13 and This will definitely bring operational difficulties and increase the cost of operating a cloud platform, as the efficiency of cloud computing comes from optimal resource allocation which is determined by current tasks and cannot be fully determined at the time of data collection.

Although many Chinese and American companies are obligated to comply with GDPR, the EU companies are still the most affected in the field of emerging technologies since they mostly deal with personal data of EU residents. If the EU emerging technology industry cannot effectively solve the above-mentioned restrictions by means of significant technological upgrading, which seems to be unlikely in the short term or in other ways, the development and application of emerging technologies within the EU will slow down significantly. Many other relevant industries, such as credit cards, e-commerce, as well as intelligent manufacturing, which are supported by those emerging technologies, will also be significantly affected.

In contrast, Chinese and U. In the long run, Chinese and U. Given the universal and significant impact of GDPR, we believe that China and the United States should actively respond to those challenges and opportunities. Although many Chinese and American companies are not necessarily required to follow GDPR strictly, considering that privacy protection is an inevitable requirement for future development and an important way to maintain competitiveness, we believe that all organizations should take GDPR as a benchmark to gradually improve their privacy protection awareness and capabilities.

This editorial puts forward the following recommendations. China and the United States should seize their advantages with emerging technologies to explore more secure and efficient data processing methods to enhance their capabilities to protect personal data. For example, it can focus on improving privacy and personal data protection methods such as optimizing anonymization methods and data mining algorithms to solve the contradiction between transparency and efficiency.

Information technology I. Large organizations, including universities and corporations, depend on technology managers, or I. Wherever industry and business must comply with the latest market trends and technological developments, there will be professionals specializing in technology management and information systems.

As an I. The more responsibility, the higher the degree you should seek. Large-scale enterprise I. Parish, Professor of Technology Management October 18, Abstract Technology-intensive organizations are contributing to economic growth of any country. These companies are facing a lot of difficulties and competition. This article is mainly focused on how managers can control technology intensive work in. Business practices are affected in every level whether marketing, merchandising or human capital; new innovative technological ideas have improved companies infrastructure and management processes.

The purpose of this literature review is to explore the influx of technology into the business sector and to determine how businesses have adopted technology into the business process. This paper reviewed four areas where technology has revolutionized business. A review of scholarly articles focused on four key areas: business evolution, small business, technology shifts, and …show more content….

The modern era of technology was born during the Second World War; this was the coming of age for the computer. Towards the end of World War II International Business Machines helped the war effort by manufacturing a device that could translate encrypted messages.

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This was the beginning of computers; an article by Ms. Watson was not sure that computers would be adopted for everyday business. In fact Mr. Watson stated that there would be a world market for maybe only five computers. However it would appear that Mr. Watson way underestimated the value of computers and how they would be used for business Jooste, The mindset of managers from the past especially like that of Mr.

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Wilson would be amazed with the current computing capability which is probably in the billions.