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There is new and different research all of the time and we would love to know about it. The implications for lower functioning individuals are very interesting.

Special Education: Music Therapy Research and Evidence Based Practice Support — A compelling and comprehensive collection of research papers on music therapy utilized in the special education setting to promote learning and skill acquisition. Music Therapy in the assessment and treatment of autistic spectrum disorder: clinical application and research evidence — This abstract points out that music therapy as a treatment for children and adolescents with significant limitations in conventional communication respond positively to music therapy.

German scholar A. Kircher put forward a mechanistic theory, the essence of which was that music, causing physical and chemical changes in the body, contributes to recovery. In the nineteenth century, the impact of music on the human body began to be studied as a scientific method. Music therapy in its modern form took shape in the first half of the twentieth century, especially after Second World War. Thus, music therapy has a long history, and its final designation as a medical method occurred in the twentieth century.

Music therapy can be used in the treatment of certain mental illnesses as an additional method of treatment. This method can be applied to everyone regardless of age, health status, and musical abilities. In the treatment of mental illnesses, a passive and active form of musical therapy is singled out. The purpose of this form of music therapy is relaxation, as well as the challenge of a specific emotional experience, which should contribute to the achievement of new meanings.

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With active musical treatment, the patient participates in the creation of a musical work, using various musical instruments, both standard and homemade. Also, singing can be used, which can be a useful method for treating people with speech disorders, as well as improving articulation, rhythm and breath control. First, music therapy can be useful in alleviating the symptoms of autistic spectrum disorder. Autism is a violation of mental development, which is characterized by motor and speech disorders and leads to a violation of social interaction.

According to some studies, music therapy as an additional method can be efficient with some signs of autism, also improving the overall condition of the patient.

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Musical therapy in children with autism promotes the development of motor skills and coordination, which makes it possible to control the processes of mental inhibition and stimulation Whipple, Jennifer. Music therapy encourages the development of spatial coordination. Also, according to some studies, it was proved that music therapy promotes the development of speech skills, emotional responsiveness and helps in overcoming communicative and behavioral problems Wigram, T.

However, studies conducted by Norwegian scientists have shown that music therapy does not have a significant effect on improving the condition of patients with autism Bieleninik, Lucja et al. In this study, children aged four to seven years who had been diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder participated. In this study, music therapy was used as an additional method of treatment.

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After five months of the research, the status of each subject was assessed, and the results showed no statistically significant difference between the condition before and after therapy. Thus, the results of the study showed that the use of music therapy does not have a positive effect on the state of patients with autism spectrum disorder Bieleninik, Lucja et al. It should be noted that such differences in the results indicate a lack of study of the effectiveness of this method of therapy, which requires more research on this topic in the future.

Secondly, the use of music therapy as an additional method of treatment can alleviate some of the symptoms of depression. Depression is a mental disorder characterized by the presence of symptoms such as mood reduction, impaired thinking, and motor retardation. The results of one study conducted in Belfast showed that music therapy positively affects the relief of certain symptoms of depression in children and adolescents Porter, Sam et al. In this experiment, children and adolescents who had symptoms of depression were involved.

Music Therapy Research Paper: Treating Mental Diseases With Music

So with the veritable objective for you to achieve these perfect conditions with less uneasiness, here are for the most part couple of crucial steps to making an OK one. You should pick a point that is intriguing to you. Go on the web. Notwithstanding, there are a few conditions that the wellspring of music therapy research paper examinations should begin from your instructor. By and large, fundamentally look at for a new and innovative structure with the given point. All exceptional music therapy research paper started with a compelled hypothesis.

Again, you will wrap up showing conflicts. Make the major strides not to push. If it keeps your music therapy research paper inside reasonable cutoff points, continue. The essential thing that you ought to consider regardless is that your suggestion should be the standard inspiration driving social affair of your music therapy research paper.

There are large extents of advantages for research information from bordering the Internet — compass for past music therapy research paper that is normally open in the library.

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Or then again obviously take a gander at magazine and journal databases, newspaper and newslists, online diaries, among others which you find beneficial and gigantic. You should hold brisk to your mind that what you will accumulate should support your proposition and develop a case about your point of view. Incessantly endeavor to infer the source. Making a chart is an incomprehensible technique to orchestrate your bits of learning, and making a deficient understanding causes you to void your bits of knowledge into the music therapy research paper. The body of the music therapy research paper, on the other hand, in all respects likely balanced presentation of appropriate and veritable information.


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