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If you're burnt out and have 0 motivation to write, give yourself 20 minutes. . And when you put it on paper/the screen, you just let it all out.
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You know it's important. Wonder how to build up the inspiration to let your words start flowing?

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Follow these simple steps to cultivate motivation and get that paper written:. In another blog article , we mentioned a way to improve your study habits includes finding the right location. To be ready to write, your environment should cater to your need to focus. As an adult student, the location you work may require flexibility. It may be a coffee shop a few blocks down from your house; or an empty conference room in your office; or a quiet library workspace.

And if you're unable to escape the constant craziness of life, noise-cancelling headphones may just be a good investment. The goal in establishing your working environment is to let your thoughts and words flow freely, without constant interruptions. You're just about to write a sentence and you hear a 'ping' from your phone notifying you that someone just liked your photo on Facebook.

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And soon, rather than writing your next paragraph in your paper, you are commenting on your friend's updated profile picture. Some may find turning off their phone to work unimaginable. How can you not be constantly available via technology? Yet, to increase your focus on the paper that has yet to be written, put it on silent. Removing the distraction of bings and rings from texts, emails and Facebook notifications can turn your attention from the hundreds of other things going on to forming that intro, body and conclusion of your paper.

Have six pages to write? It may not be best to set your goal to finish all six in one sitting. Such a goal may feel overwhelmingly daunting - creating another barrier in finishing the assignment. In setting your goal for writing, be sure to follow the S. S—Specific: Rather than telling yourself you'll write a few sentences and cite a few sources, get detailed. Write three pages with using at least three sources.

M—Measurable: Page length or word count are benchmarks that can be easily measured and evaluated. A—Achievable: Ensure the length and content goal you set is actually something you can physically and mentally complete in the time you allot yourself. Writing ten pages in a half hour may just be too extreme. R—Relevant: The goal you set in writing your paper should assist you in pursuing your professional and personal endeavors. It's not just an assignment.

It's equipping you. T—Timely: Setting a deadline, whether given on the syllabus or the one you give yourself before that, gives you the mental note of what and when to get it done. Perhaps you could break up your work on the paper into different sections and set reachable deadlines for each section.

Writing the paper is about more than getting a good grade. It's more than moving on to the next course.

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Writing this paper is one more step toward achieving your personal and professional goals. Think about and answer the question of why you're pursuing your degree. It may be a combination of factors: to show your children your commitment to education, to receive a promotion, to follow a dream that you missed out on, to perform better in your current role. Schedule it in your diary it. Make it a part of your routine and keep at it until it becomes a true habit. Now stay focused. For a shorter piece like a blog post or an article you need to focus for one or two hours.

Remove all distractions.

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You know what they are. Unplug the phone, turn off your router, find a place where you can write away oblivious to the household duties which are being neglected.

I need motivation to do my homework

Try using a kitchen timer to keep you seated and writing. Set the timer for an hour and write away. Use motivational tools. I followed a well known novelist and journalist called John Birmingham johnbirmingham on Twitter. About to update my blog now. As we both write more than we would have otherwise, we both end up winning. This type of motivation even has a proper name. Basically, you tell someone your goal and then update them regularly on your progress.

One brilliant side-effect of this is that as well as John Birmingham motivating himself and me, my progress reports have motivated other people too. One man told me that my tweets about writing and my word count have inspired him to start writing again. We pay ourselves a favor each time we put pen to paper and practice our craft. We just sit down to write no matter how hard it is, because no one else can write it like us.

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Please share your tips in the comments. Brrng, Brrng! Have a super duper and highly productive day everyone. She runs a web design company with her husband and manages to stay mostly focused on her writing despite the general mayhem created by their three children. To have as word count race or boast about how much you've written, tweet her inthehotspot. It helps to get into the characters head too and start thinking how they think. Put your words down as they would say or think it.

Then I switch the names if I were to decide on making it into a real book later on. It may seem childish but this is actually how I found to love writing and got wonderful feedback on my material which motivated me to continue with my work. One of my biggest motivation were my readers. I came up with my most beautiful words and poems that way.

It comes out of nowhere sometimes.

I agree with everything except the 5 minute break. Great tips and very inspirational. I also like your Twitter tactic. Not only will this tactic help motivate me, but it will also keep me active and hopefully increase my follower base… which then helps my business. I can also incorporate this idea in other social networks, like Facebook! Thanks for sharing such an informational article. The article is really well structured and portrays a positive picture of motivation techniques while writing. Writers must try these.