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Introduction: I have to admit in preparation of writing my nursing career, I found it very difficult to put a nursing career plan together. Over the past 12 years of my.
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Part I: How to Write an Effective Nursing School Essay

Rather than veering the wrong way, like statistics show occurs with the impact of single parenting, I was determined to find a balance to successfully thrive and live a lucrative life. Through my high school years, I began to realize that the same qualities and actions in my personal life would prove me successful in the field of nursing. As a result of my past, I am able to manage stress in a healthy way and believe the rigorous and intense demands of nursing match my capabilities.

Today, as a newly Registered Nurse graduate, I have essential goals that I hope to undertake for as long as I am a nurse. One of my most important goals is to attain core characteristics that define a successful nurse. My second goal is to commit myself to lifelong learning.

A Career as a Nurse

Third, I want to provide ongoing community service to those in need of medical assistance. A nurse should also be able to explain in her own words what she believes demarcates success in her career. It is my belief that nursing deals with the whole person—body, mind, and soul. It is without a doubt a physically demanding job, but equally as important is the demand for emotional input.

My past academic performance, as well as my personal qualities, provides the foundation for my career. A core characteristic needed in the nursing field is teamwork and just as vital is the remembrance that nurses are the liaison between the patients and the doctors. Not only is it important to work well in a team, but it is also significant to seek out help when necessary.

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Online Education Jobs. Top Online Technical Schools for Cleveland Schools Career Fields Program. It is believed to have started in the when for the first time there was a wet nurse. These are nurses that took care of babies that lost their others during birth or a short while after birth. The wet nurses were also hired by mothers who were busy and could not afford quality care to their children.

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Others hired mothers to breast feed their children. During the war, there were nurses that were taught on how to offer quality care to people that got wounded during the war.

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Since then, the nursing career has grown and nurses can now work on-their-own and decide the best care to give to their patients. A nurse is required to be compassionate. They are supposed to treat patients with love even though the patients may not be good in return.

A good nurse should be qualified enough and able to work alone with minimum guidance. It is not advisable to go to a nurse that will always be looking up for help from other nurses. In many case, nurses have a lot of work and are thus required to do many things at the same time.