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MA Second Year Essay. Information (20% of the mark). 4. page essay (80% of the mark) Write for a fellow maths student at Warwick. • Include.
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One very interesting exercise was when we were asked what word we would use to describe specific brands, including Sony, Land Rover, Walmart, Asda, and a number of others. I think many of us were surprised by the words used to describe some of the brands, and there was a wide a variety of answers offered which you would expect given the diversity of students in the room.

The results were generally in favour of the product, although there was quite a strong polarisation of results some loved it, others hated it. Have you tried it? The group exercise for Marketing looked at the transformation of the Burberry brand when Rose Marie Bravo took over as Chief Executive. This led to lots of discussion about the positioning of the Burberry brand, although it was sometimes difficult to distinguish between the positioning of the brand in when the case study was written and our view of the brand since then.

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It was a good example to use though, as it highlights some of the challenges that can be found with brand positioning. As with other days, the last lecture of the day and week was used to discuss the exam.

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One of the interesting points from this lecture was a suggestion on how to approach an essay-style question in an exam environment as opposed to in an assignment that can be completed over a number of weeks. I expect this technique will be useful not only in Marketing, but also the other two modules that are assessed by examination.

This will be a shame as I find these weeks a good way to reset the study plan, meet others on the course, and discuss some of the concepts we have been taught. Time now to return to my studies, and catch up slightly after taking a week away with family for a mid-semester break. My next post will probably be in a few weeks time, with an update on the elective selection process. Thank you for sharing your experience, Matt.

Warwick Week 2

As a new WBS student July intake I have found your blog to be very helpful at setting my expectations for the program. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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MA - Second Year Essay

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. The advisor I met with provided some useful feedback, and we had a good discussion about my reasons for pursuing an MBA — I was very pleased as she helped address some of the concerns I had around some of the modules that really interest me. The purpose of this meeting was to get a view from students at various stages of the course on the learning materials, study groups and tutor engagement model.

I provided feedback in a number of areas, including the my. We also discussed the different ways to engage students during the virtual live sessions, where I was able to share a number of ideas from work given that most of my internal meetings and training are held virtually. This was another good networking opportunity, and it was a pleasure to spend some time chatting with a few of my blog readers.

Share this: Email. Like this: Like Loading The UK-based research points out that carrying out research is not easy p The report from Canada suggests that students were most disappointed about lack of supervisor support p In most DP schools, students are expected to make significant progress in their Extended Essays during the long vacation.

This makes a lot of sense in many cases … although it can create significant difficulties for experimental EEs in Group 4.

Disengaged and overwhelmed: why do second year students underperform?

OSC is very careful to make sure that it does not breach IB guidelines. As indicated above, successfully completing an EE gives that student an advantage when it comes to university. The three research reports together support the argument that the Extended Essay is superb in preparing students for further study at university. DP schools are encouraged to continue to refine the ways in which they do this. But, well-established organisations such as OSC can also help … through the expertise of their experienced DP teachers on our Summer Courses.

T he Summer of the Extended Essay. Have a question?

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See our privacy statement for more information. The most recent report — from Canada — indicates that the Extended Essay helps students to: Gain familiarity with writing a lengthy essay Become more confident in doing research essays Gather and evaluate sources Prepare for college level writing Improve time-management Understand formal academic styles But, there are also a few lessons to be learned from the studies.

This article looks at some of these. Looking at the full reports suggests there are a few other lessons to learn from the research. Correlations and causes Firstly, the University of Virginia research showed a positive correlation between EE grades and GPAs achieved in their first and final semesters of their undergraduate courses.

It is important that students get appropriate guidance — and time — for topic selection. The role of the supervisor The biggest complaint from former IB students was in relation to support from their supervisors. Conclusion The three research reports together support the argument that the Extended Essay is superb in preparing students for further study at university.

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