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Maybe in the past, the life was also great in some way. Thus, I often think of the past and imagine what the world will be like in the future.
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Stephen Cave. Stefan Klein. He lives in Berlin. Brought to you by Curio , an Aeon partner. This will of course apply not only to humans, but to all animals. It will be an offence to eat any life-form. Once the sophistication, not only of other animals, but also of plants has been recognised, we will be obliged to accept the validity of their striving for life.

Most of our food will be synthetic, although the consumption of fruit — ie, those parts of plants that they willingly offer up to be eaten — will be permitted on special occasions: a birthday banana, a Christmas pear.

We will not be permitted to turn off our smartphones — let alone destroy them — without their express permission. Privacy will have been abolished, and regarded as a cover for criminality and hypocrisy. It will be an offence to use a pseudonym online — why would anyone do this except to abuse or deceive others? With privacy, prudishness too will disappear; for example, wearing a bikini or trunks to go swimming will be seen as no less absurd than bathing in a bow-tie and top hat. In years, the idea that ordinary humans — prone to tiredness and drunkenness, watery eyes and sneezing fits — could be in sole charge of weapons, cars or other dangerous objects will cause the average citizen to shudder.

All driving, fighting and arresting will be done by silicon-based intelligent systems that are prone neither to a tipple nor to hay fever. Wasting water will be regarded with the same horror that we now regard the spilling of blood: as a squandering of the stuff of life. Those who flushed toilets with water of drinking quality everyone in the industrialised world will be put on a par with those who shot the last tigers.

W ell, maybe. Perhaps some of these predictions will come true, perhaps not. In some cases, the opposite might happen: a resurgence of the right to privacy that will armour-plate our personal space, making it unthinkable, even indecent, that anyone would ever reveal their real name online; or a movement for human accountability that derides reliance on automated systems — whether in our cars, phones and elsewhere — as an abdication of responsibility.

But one thing is certain: in years, ordinary people will look back at us and shake their heads, wondering how we could have been so irresponsible, so venal, so morally short-sighted. Norms and values change. Think for a moment of the world in It is the world of just a few generations ago — depending on your age, somewhere between your parents and your great-great-grandparents.

It was a time of world wars in which swathes of people were regularly dehumanised as preparation for conquest or killing; a time in which sexism, racism, imperialism, anti-Semitism and homophobia were not just accepted, but expected, even required. These prejudices all still exist, of course. But in large parts of the world momentous shifts in our values have made them increasingly unacceptable. We authors, a Briton and a German, are writing this essay together in a peaceful and unified Berlin.

And we write in between looking after our respective children while our respective wives are at work, doing jobs that would have been closed to their grandmothers. For us two authors, this seems like progress. These values that have spread in recent decades are the values with which we identify. And so when we look back years to the casual racism and institutionalised anti-Semitism, it is with horror and incomprehension.

The Future Of Technology And Technology

But there are many for whom this is not the case. Equally there are still people today who are appalled by these developments, and who hark back to the values of those earlier times. This is to a large extent what it means to be a conservative: to believe that, yes, norms and values change — but not for the better. It is easy for progressives such as us two authors to be scornful of the conservatives, and to dismiss their views as retrograde.

But the fact is: the values that we now embrace will also be supplanted. Even though there are some changes we will welcome, sooner or later society will slip away from us too. We too will experience what it is like to be told that, whether through stupidity or wickedness, we were wrong.

What is the proper reaction to such change? Traditional moral theorising is surprisingly quiet on the subject.


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Inasmuch as it touches on changing norms at all, it assumes that they will be obviously bad as the rise of Nazism now seems to us or obviously good that is, whatever we ourselves have been fighting for. Yet most such changes will seem like neither: merely inexplicable and uncomfortable. Must we fight them? Or ought we be resigned, or cynical? We want to argue for a different approach. First, we believe that, just by considering the question of how our values might change in the next years, we can begin to bridge the gap between now and then, and prepare ourselves for what is to come.

Secondly, we believe that there is an idea of moral progress that can help us to peer into the future, to see how values might change in ways that we today could accept as for the better — even if it will not always be easy for us. Based on this, we will explore some modest predictions for 22nd-century morals. S o first, the question itself: what is it that our great-grandchildren will condemn us for? We believe that this is a very helpful question to ask. After years, we could imagine a world with great advancement in electronics, communications, fitness, mentalities of peoples, etc. Advancement in such fields may leads to great achievements or it may even leads to quite a great loss as well.

We could imagine every person flying to one place to other for traveling. Even we could have the use of holograms as we are using video calls now. Apart from the development in the lifestyle of an individual, there could be changes in the mentalities of peoples. Children at a very early age may learn to use electronics gadgets which is good at times but it might be bad sometimes.

In comings years, we might make use of every things or renewable energies to make this world a better and Eco friendly place. While it may also happens that due to advancement of technologies, this world be destroyed. The natural beauty of the world might be replaced by virtual one. As we could only imagine what could happen or what not, it's all in the future and there is nobody present as if now who could say what will be the future.

We could only assume things to happen.

Once and future sins

At present the whole world is changing very quickly and assuming things is a risky business. One should live in the present and should have least concern about the future.

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This tool didn't check matters or Grammatical error written in your answer essay. Its verify only 1 The spelling mistake 2 Numbers of words i. Your answer evaluation happens on the basis of all these points and the overall score gets generated out of Every individual grows in every terms. The future is full of technology, robotics, AI, and many more. Imagining the world after years is like imagining the world with full of dreams, desires.

We will do that things which we can not even imagine.

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  • Imagining a world after years is like developing a life with full of happiness, enthusiasm and effortlessness. We will do lots of lots of creativity while seating on the couch , we will have to just imagining the things and creating our own world in couple of clicks. In Today's world, we are able to control our surroundings with the help of a smartphone. Smartphones are going to change this modern world with just a click. The Latest Technology has become a boon to every person such that he is able to do his all payments and his works through it.

    This kind of technology was not there before the invention of any computer and Mobile. Persons used to talk with the help of pigeons and send their information through them. But now, we are doing them with the help of E-Mails. The Technology may raise in such a way that they may also send every work from home itself. The Voting system can be finished through Home. The Machines conquer us and they assign tasks to us and we are bound to them. Every Human being become lazy in such a way that they will depend their personal work also on Machines.

    Food production will decrease and amount of rainfall decrease year to year. Water production will become a scarce thing and countries will fight for it. Automobiles production will be high and the people start buying it more. The Fuel production will be a challenging task to every Scientist and they should find an alternate way to reproduce it. Health problems will be increasing and people will face new diseases which rises with population. He must follow his ancient systems such that they left something. Technology, science, Aerospace are growing at a rapid scale.

    Life a few years back was totally different from today. Nobody has ever imagined that we will see such an advancement in the lifestyle in such a short period of time. Like self-driven cars are in the market now, Robots are doing farming etc.

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    Who can imagine what gonna happen in next few years? It can be possible that the doing of human wipe out the entire human race from this planet.

    And we have to leave earth for our safety. As new technology makes our work easy but also cause harm to nature.